Synco’s Contribution to the Carrom Industry

Carrom, an Indian traditional game that everyone loves. Whether it is a 5 year old kid or the OG uncle from Munna Bhai MBBS who wakes up to play carrom. You might remember the line,”Carrom ramvanu, Juice pivanu, maja ni life”.

 Well, that line justifies how Indians look at the carrom game. It is at the heart of every Indian family. And we at Synco believe that this tradition should be promoted and taken to the global stage.

 With this in mind, Synco, a leading manufacturer of sporting goods, started its journey to take Carrom global and become the 1st Indian Sporting goods brand to be recognized globally. But how Synco is contributing to India’s Carrom growth story?

We have a legacy of excellence

Synco is a brainchild of Sporting Syndicate Pvt. Ltd., India’s No. 1 sporting goods manufacturer and exporter. With over 75 years of experience, we have been delivering top-quality Carrom Boards, coins, and other accessories globally that are approved by the International Carrom Federation(ICF).

Building Innovative products

Our manufacturing units are equipped with world-class machinery and a resilient workforce, and we manufacture unmatched-quality carrom boards and equipment. We continuously innovate and test different wooden materials to create premium-quality carrom boards.  

Focus on a diverse range of audience

Whether you are a beginner or a professional player, Synco always has something for you. With a wide variety of products to choose from, we ensure that every carrom player gets the best board and accessories based on their expertise in the game.

Taking Carrom Global

Synco is focused on promoting carrom on a global stage. So, we are focused on building high-quality products using premium Birchwood that meet the durability and performance standards approved by the International Carrom Federation(ICF). This focus on quality and innovation has made Synco a preferred choice among the carrom community. 


Promoting Carrom as a Competitive Sport

Synco is actively participating and sponsoring tournaments. It plays a crucial role in increasing games' visibility and popularity. We are proud to share that we’ve been…


  • Equipment Partner in International Carrom Championships
  • Title Sponsor of 50th Sr. National Carrom Championship held in 2022


And we are going to be the Official sponsor for the upcoming 51st Sr. National Carrom championship held in Gwalior, India from 6th to 10th april 2024.

 To stay updated about the World Carrom Championships, check out our Instagram

 To watch all the live action, subscribe to our YouTube channel

Supporting the Carrom Community

Synco’s commitment is not just limited to manufacturing and selling premium carrom boards and equipment; we are committed to supporting the whole community. We support local clubs and players and encourage them to play carrom as professionals. 

A Bright Future Ahead

As Synco continues to innovate and support the Global Carrom Community, we see a bright future ahead. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and community support has elevated the game to new heights, ensuring its continued growth and popularity. 

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