Synco's Evolution from Carrom to Complete Sports Gear

Synco is a name that is synonymous with India's leading Sports Manufacturers. Synco was established in 2005 as a carrom board manufacturer and has since then grown to be one of India’s best-known sports goods brands with a wide range of products for different sports such as football, basketball, sports equipment, and much more. 

Where Synco Came From: The No. 1 Carrom Brand 

Synco is the brainchild of Sporting Syndicate Pvt. Ltd., which has been known as India’s leading sporting goods manufacturer and exporter for over 65 years now. For quite some time now, Sporting Syndicate has provided top-notch technologically advanced sports gear to famous brands globally, hence earning itself a reputation for being excellent and reliable. Sporting Syndicate founded Synco to create an indigenous brand that would serve Indian athletes’ needs. 

Synco's journey began with manufacturing carrom boards and carrom accessories and quickly became popular with enthusiasts across the country. Synco carrom boards are known for their higher quality, durability, and performance and are certified by the International Carrom Federation. Additionally, synco has been the official equipment partner for many carrom tournaments at national Made from high-quality plywood with hardwood frames 

The following are some of the features and advantages of Synco’s carrom boards; 

  • Smooth glossy playing surface with a natural finish 
  • Rebound and speed accuracy 
  • Comes in different sizes and models 
  • Suitable for all player levels including beginners to professionals 
  • Equipped with accessories like coins, strikers, powder, stand etc. 
  • Water resistant special coating
  • Special green carrom(patented by synco) also available 
  • High quality, carefully sourced English birch Ply used for our State-of-the-art carrom boards

Only high-quality premium wood used for all Wooden products and international levels. It is important to note that Synco is recognized as the world's No.1 Carrom Brand, and it continues to bring out innovative items in this line. 

Synco’s growth 

The successful journey of leading the carrom industry inspired Synco to expand its product base and enter other sports as well. We did this knowing there was a huge demand for high-quality sports goods in India because the  market kept growing at a furious pace. The Indian sports lovers’ expectations and demands are being met by Synco through the use of its strong knowledge and experience in the sports goods industry. 

Synco’s vision 

Synco envisions a world where people enjoy playing sports as part of physical activity offering psychological support, thus empowering the Indian sports fraternity at large. We believe that participating in sports promotes mental well-being while enhancing other areas of one’s life such as physiology and emotional health. Synco wants to ensure that it provides top sporting goods to those who love sports so that they can pursue their passion for it. 

Synco's incredible journey, from carrom to a range of sports gear is truly remarkable. It showcases Synco's dedication, commitment and drive. Starting from the beginning, Synco has reached milestones and achieved great success. Along the way, it has encountered challenges and obstacles and has overcome them with resilience and perseverance. Synco has always prioritised quality and values, striving to deliver nothing but the best to its customers. As a result, it has earned the trust and respect of sports enthusiasts and established itself as India's leading Sports goods manufacturer and exporter. 

Synco’s presence is here to stay; its determination knows no bounds. With a spirit, it is ready to make India proud on a scale.

Join our Synco family 

If you are a sports lover seeking top-notch sports products your search ends with Synco. Whether you're into carrom, football, basketball or any other sport – we have everything you need to enhance your experience and enjoy your activity to the fullest. 

Synco offers products that provide quality delivering performance and a remarkable user experience.

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