The Rise of the Football Craze in India

In the heart of a cricket-dominated nation, football has been quietly but steadily finding its place in the hearts of fans. We have seen Indian football evolving in the last decade.

Whether it's defeating Honk Kong in the 2022 AFC Asian Cup Qualifiers or lifting the Hero Intercontinental Cup in 2018, the Indian Football team left their fan's hearts pumping throughout the match. 

The potential that the Indian football team has demonstrated has given fans hope that one day, we will be living the FIFA dream.

But those aren’t the only moments that define the rising craze of football in India. India has a long first gold medal in the 1951 Asian Games and repeated the history again at the 1962 Asian Games in Jakarta. India also entered the semifinals in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, an achievement that still remains unmatched.

The 1960s and 1970s were a golden era for Indian football, with players like Chuni Goswami, PK Banerjee, and Inder Singh leading the game. India won a bronze medal at the 1970 Asian Games, and the 1974 Asian Youth Championship victory highlighted the country's potential to nurture young talent.

This was just the beginning of the new era of football.

history of football filled with moments of joy. 

Let's see how Indian football has evolved and how the craze continues to grow among Indian football fans.

1951- The Beginning 

Indian football has a rich history of notable achievements on the international stage. India won its

Launching The Indian Super League

The launch of the Indian Super League (ISL) in 2014 marked a new chapter in Indian football. Every football fan was excited as the league brought a wave of professionalism to the sport in the country. It attracted investments from industrialists, business tycoons, and Bollywood celebrities. 

One of the notable achievements of ISL is its ability to sign high-profile players like Luis Garcia, Alessandro Del Piero, and Robert Pires, which added the cherry over the cake and international appeal to the league.

The ISL impacted not just the Indian football landscape but also grew football’s popularity across the country. The league shifted the focus towards the development of youth talent to nurture the future generation of Indian footballers. 

Evolving League Structure

The Indian Super League (ISL) has made significant changes to elevate Indian football on the international stage. It merged with the I-League to introduce a promotion-relegation system that aligns with global football standards. 

This enabled I-League clubs the opportunity to rise to the premier tier, which helped them enhance their exposure and get more financial opportunities to fund the league. The ISL's expansion has broadened its reach across India, bringing football to new regions. 

Clubs like FC Goa and Mumbai City FC are performing well in the league, securing spots in the FIFA approved AFC Champions League. This development highlights the league's progress and its role in elevating Indian football on the international stage.

Focus on Youth Development

Apart from signing foreign players, ISL is also shifting its focus towards developing and nurturing homegrown youth talent. It aligns with the Premier One licensing criteria set by AFC and AIFF.

This strategic transformation aims to create a competitive football ecosystem in India. Indian business giants are also contributing to it. Reliance launched a Reliance Foundation development league in 2021 to show its commitment to growing Indian Youth talent. 

Indian Football Federation is aiming to establish India as a leading team in Asian Football by 2024. The efforts taken by ISL are inline with this vision, and it is showing promising efforts to develop Youth.

Aiming for the world stage

Indian youth is greatly influenced by FIFA approved global football leagues like La Liga and Champions league. It has fueled the passion in Indian fans and further gave rise to football craze. This global exposure has given Indian youth a reason to dream big and aim to compete on a global stage. Synco offers FIFA-approved footballs that meet international standards, encouraging young players to pursue their passion. 

Looking Ahead

The future of Indian football looks promising. With a focus on sustainable development and global competitiveness, India is elevating its standards in the game. Continued investment in youth development and infrastructure is the key to nurturing youth talent.

As India's football craze continues to rise, the dream of competing at the highest international levels is becoming increasingly achievable. With the right support and development, Indian football will flourish, and hopefully, one day, we will be playing in the FIFA World Cup tournaments.

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