About Us

Synco is the brainchild of Sporting Syndicate Pvt. Ltd, recognized as the no.1 Sporting Goods Manufacturers and Exporters of India. With over 50 years of experience delivering top-quality, technologically-advanced Sporting Goods to brands all over the world, the company now takes a step to direct Synco to its own journey.

Synco’s purpose is to promote the intense joy that playing Sports provides. We understand how Sports can have a positive impact in an individual’s life and so we focus on making top level Sporting products on which our customers can rely on, for Quality, Commitment and Drive.

By being the leading pioneers in the Sports Goods Industry, equipped with World-Class machinery and working together with a resilient workforce, we aim to be the India’s first Globally Recognized Sports Brand.

Our products are currently being used by over 50 lakh people in India alone and we expect this number to triple in the year 2023. We cannot wait to grow together with you.

We are only getting started!

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