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Synco Dog Toy Football Yellow with Holding Loops | Dog Ball Size-3 | Dog Toy Ball (Yellow)

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Easy To Hold

The SYNCO Dog Ball is a pet accessory designed with convenience and ease of use in mind. Thanks to the loops included on the ball, our furry friends can effortlessly carry it around and enjoy fun playtimes with their humans.

Loved By Dogs

SYNCO's dog balls have garnered immense popularity among our four-legged friends due to their irresistible appeal in terms of their color combination and exceptional designs. The Dog ball have become the go-to choice for most fur parents.

Bouncy Dog Ball

The exquisite design of SYNCO's dog balls is not the only thing to be impressed about. These dog balls are crafted from recycled rubber which imparts excellent solidity, durability and elasticity to them. Your furry friend is sure to enjoy not only the aesthetic appeal of these balls but also their ability to take on rough play and bounce back effortlessly.

Eliminates Boredom

By introducing an interactive dog ball, SYNCO offers pet owners a solution to help their furry companions battle against feelings of anxiety and boredom. This unique dog ball is perfect for boosting the happiness levels of dogs as they engage in a thrilling and pleasurable activity with their human family members.


About Synco

Synco is the brainchild of Sporting Syndicate Pvt. Ltd, recognized as the no.1 Sporting Goods Manufacturers and Exporters of India. With over 50 years of experience delivering top-quality, technologically-advanced Sporting Goods to brands all over the world, the company now takes a step to direct Synco to its own journey.

Synco’s purpose is to promote the intense joy that playing Sports provides. We understand how Sports can have a positive impact in an individual’s life and so we focus on making top level Sporting products on which our customers can rely on, for Quality, Commitment and Drive.

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